My name is Dala. I’m a freelance graphic designer. I started out my career at fast paced design/ad agencies in Johannesburg. We lived in Johannesburg for about 7 years and then we moved to Oregon in the United States 3 years ago.

My husband is an epic superhero that got hold of the Dala Manual. I adore him with everything in me, or at least the times that we’re not passionately fighting about something we usually can’t remember afterwards.

I always thought kid oriented people (the ones that couldn’t stop speaking about their kids) are immensely uncool and should remove themselves from the design world. Then we adopted a baby and shortly thereafter I fell pregnant and then I realized the only thing cooler than great design are my kids. I sometimes dress them exactly the same… (I also thought that was uncool once.)

My first language is Afrikaans, derived from Dutch. I’m a musician and back in South Africa I was in an Afrikaans folk rock band, one of our songs became a single on the Afrikaans music TV channel. I wrote the songs and played piano. I still play and write songs, though the creative high I get from designing is really similar to the one I get in music.

I ADORE animals and I love second hand collectors furniture. Most of all I love hanging out with people and getting to know new friends.



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  1. Motlatsi Molefe #
    November 25, 2011

    Hi Dear

    Haven’t heard from you for so long. Hope your family and you are loving America. SA is still SA, lots of drama but we pushing forward. I had to google search you. You just came across in my wild mind today.

    • April 30, 2012

      !!! I only saw this comment now! I miss home! I would’ve adored helping your father with the rebranding:-(

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